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My name is Cherise Sylvester and I am the founder of Curly Hair Discoveries.I started Curly Hair Discoveries in 2016 because I wanted I wanted to share good beauty products that I was trying out, and tell others of my opinions on them, especially hair products for people with curly hair.

The problem with having curly hair was that no one how to make it look good, or keep it moisturized or how to make it more manageable.The hairdressers in my area only knew how to european/ straight hair and even if they tried to do it, it looked awful.The black hairdressers in my area always always recommended getting my relaxed or straightened , which I did for a while, but it became apparent to me in 2016 how damaging relaxers and straighteners were to hair.It was in 2016 that I  discovered the natural hair movement on instagram. I saw loads of amazing pictures of women that looked like me with hair like mine.I was re-inspired to keep my hair curly, and apparently i could have my curls looking good, feeling moisturised and have my hair be more manageable, so long as I used a line up of the correct hair products, specifically for my hair type.So  tried it, and it worked!


I had struggled for years to make my curly hair look good, and if you know anything about curly hair, it can be difficult can manage, so I really wanted to help other people with curly hair to discover good products.

Initially I started out with a Instagram page (@curlyhairdiscoveries), where I uploaded pictures of hair products with a review, including a rating out of ten.By the end of  2016, I decided  to start a Youtube channel and uploaded video product reviews, tutorials and other kinds of videos.In early 2017, I started this website www curlyhairdiscoveries.com to share all blog posts, images and videos in one place.

Curly Hair Discoveries now has more than 200 product reviews, now including skincare and makeup products. my Youtube channel has over 20 videos including video product reviews and tutorials.I am continuing my mission to help people discover amazing haircare,skincare and makeup/ beauty products.