All products below have been tested on a 3c hair type

Monat revive shampoo + revitalize conditioner

May 20, 2019

PRODUCT REVIEW👇🏽Brand : @monatofficial 
Product name: Monat revive shampoo + revitalize conditioner 
Place of purchase: 
These samples were kindly gifted to me to try from the lovely Sherry @fabuloushairclub 
Price: Shampoo: £ 25-30
Conditioner: £38-45
Hair type : Afro/ curly 3c hair type + high porosity type 
Features :So, this is a natural hair brand that has just launched in the uk 🇬🇧 and apparently they are going to be at : @afrohairandbeautylive this bank holiday weekend! Who’s coming ?

Findings: So I was really surprised with these products, because I didn’t think they were going to be good for curly hair, but I was wrong. 
The revive shampoo is AMAZING , and yes, it’s Sulfate and paraben Free , so we don’t need to Panic this time😅.
This brand prides itself on having non toxic ingredients. You can tell there was no Sulfates, because it didn’t lather at all, it smelt gorgeous and the best part, was that it made my hair really easy to detangle ! The instructions recommend that you shampoo twice, and that’s good idea , because my hair was so smooth ,soft and shiny. It has a really luxury and nourishing feel to the brand and its cruelty free 🐰, which is always a plus. 
The conditioner was really moisturising , which exactly what you need. 
The ingredients suggest that you : shampoo twice, use the masque ,condition, blow dry and add the rejuveniqe oil and style as usual. 
However, for the curly hair girls : I suggest following the instructions to the conditioning part, and then use the LOC method. Deep condition with the Monat revitalize conditioner, and then follow on with a non toxic /natural Leave in , then apply the Monat rejuveniqe oil and then a natural curly hair cream /styler, to finish off the 5*experience. 
Rating: Shampoo 10/10 + conditioner 9/10

Monat Replenish Masque

May 20, 2019

PRODUCT REVIEW👇🏽Brand : @monatofficial 
Product name: Monat replenish masque 
Place of purchase: 
These samples were kindly gifted to me from the lovely Sherry @fabuloushairclub 
Price: £32-£42
Hair type : Afro/ curly 3c hair type + high porosity type 
Features :So,this is a natural hair brand that has just launched in the uk 🇬🇧 Findings: For the replenish masque, I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never tried a hair masque or clay before. This hair masque, proposes to : repair and hydrate moisture starved hair ( so especially curly/ afro hair textures of a 3b- 4c type or high porosity hair) 
Personally, I noticed that my split ends looked a lot better after this wash. The masque has a cream cheese consistency and it smelt kind of weird, but it did improve the appearance of split ends. It terms of moisture, my hair was a lot more moisturised before, I applied the masque . After shampooing twice, I applied the masque and it felt quite drying to be honest . Once I washed it out and applied the revitalize conditioner, it felt a lot better . I really didn’t know what to expect with a masque to be honest, but I don’t know if I’d use the masque again. The revive shampoo , retivalize conditioner and the rejuveniqe oil however, I’d definitely use them again! 💛
Follow instructions , shampoo twice, use the replenish masque, follow with the revitalize conditioner . If you have straight hair - go ahead and blow dry and add the rejuveniqe oil . If you’re a curly hair girl finish conditioning and then follow the LOC or LCO method , using your natural / non toxic leave in , the Monat rejuveniqe oil and natural/ non toxic cream / styler. Use a micro fibre towel and air dry or diffuse hair dry thereafter 👏🏽🙌🏽➰
Rating : 6.5 /10

Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand: Shea Moisture


Product name:Shea Moisture Coconut and hibiscus curl and shine conditioner 


Price: £6.65 ( usually £10.99)


Place of Purchase: Superdrug ( UK )


Proposed features:

- Lightweight

- Moisturising 

- Claims 'no more knots,snarls and tangles'

-  Claims to 'Tames frizz and define natural curls' 


Best aspects: It is indeed very lightweight and it does provide a creamy moisture to your hair. It is very easy to comb through your hair after using this this. It encourages natural curls whilst separating your hair fro forming knots and tangles.



Ingredients: Includes water, coconut oil, seed oil and it contains no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates and  no synthetic colour 


Suggestions: Use the Shea Moisture detangler after rinsing out  this conditioner from your hair , and you'll have  no knots untill your next wash!


Rating: 10/10 

Tresemme keratin smooth

June 15, 2017

Brand name : Tresemme

product name:Tresemme keratin smooth restore and control conditioner 

Place of purchase: @superdrugloves 

Price : £4.99

Proposed features: on the bottle it states -'controls frizz for up to 48 hours ' ' for straighter smoother hair' ' professional quality'
The products Aims to reduce frizz and leave hair sleek and manageable . It also aims to leave hair smooth and shiny .

Best aspects : From the minute you rinse the product from your hair , your hair feels ultra smooth and soft .By the time you blow dry it , you can tell the product works . It does everything that it states on the bottle . It leaves your hair , sleek , smooth , shiny and manageable due to the keratin .

Suggestions :The product claims to also ' reduce frizz' , however some of us curly hair girls like our hair styled with frizz , so I wouldn't recommend this , if you want some volume and frizz.
However the product is best for when you occasionally want to transition to blow dried / straight hair.
Also it's good if you want to proceed to style your hair in a curly fro , without volume - if that's what you prefer .

Rating : 9/10

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OGX keratin conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand : OGX @ogx_beauty

Product name : Anti- breakage keratin oil conditioner

Place of purchase : AsdaPrice : £3.50 (special offer )

Proposed features : This product aims to reduce breakage for ' longer stronger hair' . It also add a healthy shine .

Findings : The anti- breakage component will only be apparent , once I have used this for a couple of weeks , however the product does make your hair feel and look healthier from the first wash . It gave my hair a vibrant shine and It has a beautiful , yet subtle fragrance. I found it to be super moisturising and once used , you don't need to use a detangler .I will definitely be using this again !

Best aspects: Healthy shine, detangling aspect , moisturising and beautiful fragrance .

Suggestions : rinse the product after 5 mins , for best results Rating : 10/10 #curlyhair #haircare#curlyhairkillas#conditioner#curlyhairdontcare

Bumble and bumble

June 15, 2017

Brand : Bumble and Bumble

Product name :Bumble and Bumble curl care custom conditioner 

Place of purchase : Bumble and Bumble online 

Price : £25

Hair type :3c hair

Proposed features : this product is a 3 in 1 conditioner , meaning you can use it as a co- wash, you can rinse out or leave it in ,as a leave in conditioner . It claims to be for 'all Curl types and is sulfate and paraben free .

Findings: I found this product to be super light weight and uniquely moisturising . It had a really lovely smell to it , and I could see my curls forming as I was rinsing it out . It really does turn your curls from waves to ringlets , even the heat damaged parts of my hair curled . 

Suggestions : I  decided to shampoo and then wash out . Then I towel dried my hair . I went on to section my hair and reapplied a small amount of this conditioner , section by section to act as a leave in . I combed through each section my my tangle teezer @tangleteezeruk and then added @bluemagichaircare coconut hair conditioner to lock in moisture and then the bumble and Bumble curling moose .

Rating : 10/10

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OGX Coconut milk Conditioner

January 01, 2020

Brand : OGX
Product name: Nourishing coconut milk conditioner 

Place of purchase : @bootsuk 

Price : £2.50 sample/ travel size - Full size is £6.99

Proposed features :This gorgeous conditioner aims to nourish your hair , in the sense thats it aims to 'add strength,elasticity ,hydration and balance'  
Findings: This conditioner is just a dream ! I expect nothing other than this from @ogx_beauty . I am never disappointed by their conditioner .
At this stage, I couldn't say if it added strength and elasticity but it most definitely did hydrate and balance my hair . It smells so gorgeous and made my hair super soft , shiny and moisturised ! 

Suggestions : use with the coconut milk shampoo and let it sit I your hair for at least 5 mins, for best results on Afro hair textures like mine . ( 3c hair and above ) 

Rating : 10/10 
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OGX Brazilian smooth conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand : OGX @ogx_beauty 

product name : Ever straightening Brazilian smooth keratin smooth conditioner 

Place of purchase : @bootsuk 

Price : £3.50 travel size bottle

Ingredients : includes keratin ,coconut oil , avocado oil and coca butter 

Proposed features : 'Softens the hair while helping to smooth the cuticle , for strong tresses adding. A brilliant glow and luminescent shine .'

Findings : I was surprised to find that it was brown formula, I've never seen that before ,but it smells gorgeous . In regards to strengthening , the ingredients to help with that , and you will notice then difference after say 3 washes . 
The product claims to add shine and glow to your hair , which it does .In regards to softening , I prefer the other OGX conditioners for that , as they give a way better result .(The coconut curls , keratin conditioner,the coconut water conditioner and the famous Argan oil conditioner - (blue bottle)

Suggestions: is actually for the keratin conditioner from OGX ( hot pink bottle ). In regards to shine, softness and moisture , it gives a way better result on a 3c hair type . I was able to transition quite smoothly from natural curls to straight hair with this product ( keratin is awesome when transitioning to straight hair ) 

Rating : 6.5/ 10

Ors black olive oil conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand:ORS @orshaircareeurope @orshaircare 

Product name:Black Olive Oil Repair 7 conditioner 

Ingredients : includes coconut oil and sweet almond oil 

Proposed features : The '7' in the 'Repair 7' corresponds
to the '7' features that this conditioner can do for you . 
Thermal protection 🔲 Shine 🔲Frizz control 🔲 Anti-Breakage 🔲 Strengthens 🔲 reconstructs 🔲 body 🔲

Findings: In regards to thermal protection,anti-breakage,strengthening and reconstructing your hair , these features are something that can be judged after a few washes . These properties however , are perfect for when you have recently straightened your hair to nourish and repair . This conditioner smell even more gorgeous than the shampoo and does well at controlling frizz. In regards to body ,the body is mostly noticeable once your hair had dried . Another added bonus is how softie makes your hair , as well as shiny .I had no criticisms for this conditioner . 

Suggestions: I would recommend that you let the conditioner sit for 5 minutes ,for the best results 

Rating: 10/10 

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OGX Coconut water conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand : @ogx_beauty 

Product name : weightless hydration Coconut water conditioner 

Place of purchase : @bootsuk 

Price : £3.50
Proposed features : to hydrate 🔲to make it silky soft 🔲 to add a shine 🔲
Findings: this conditioner ticks all the boxes for me ✔️.In regards to hydration it is super super moisturising . As soon as you rinse from your hair you can feel a difference , because it feels silkier and softer . This is super beneficial to us curly girls , because that moisture is more than needed ,and the silky softness makes it easier to detangle your hair ,and maintain until your next wash and go , as well as making our curls pop ➰!
The added bonuses is that it's weightless , it smells gorgeus and adds an exotic shine , as most of the OGX conditioners do . I'm a big fan of them


Suggestions: leave in for at least 5 minutes for best results. 

Rating :10/10

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Creme of nature intensive conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand : Creme of nature 

Product name : Creme of nature intensive conditioning treatment (with Argan oil of Morocco)

Place of purchase : Brixton (South London) 

Price £3.49

Hair type : 3c

Proposed features : this conditioner aims to : strengthen hair , add moisture and prevent hair breakage . It also aims to create an 'exotic shine, nourish and protect hair . 
Findings : I absolutely love 💛💛💋💋💋💋💋this conditioner !! It's super moisturising , from the minute you rinse it out . It's super Curl enhancing and it also make your hair super easy to detangle , after rinsing . 
In regards to strengthening your hair and preventing breakage - I did notice a difference after using a few times . 
It really does feel nourishing and protective and the ' exotic shine' is exactly that .

Suggestions: Buy it now ! Will make your life so much easier ! 
Rinse out after 5 minutes for best results . 
One thing will say , is that due to the Argan oil , it will calm your hair rather than add volume , so you will need to use a volume enhancing styler , if you out want volume.

Rating : 10/10!

Thankyou for the recommendation @i_be_lala_july 💋
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