Epaderm ointment

May 14, 2018

Brand: Oilatum at Boots 
Product name: Oilatum bath formula 
Place of purchase: @bootsuk 
Price: £8.99 @bootsuk and £6.95 @superdrugloves 
Skin type: Tested on sensitive/ 
eczema prone skin.
What does it do ? - It forms an emollient film on the skins surface to seal in moisture and protect from further dryness.
Proposed features: -Soothes, softens and rehydrates the skin. -relieves itchiness and irritation
This product helped me to bounce back from my combined eczema flare up and allergic reaction last week. It is really great at soothing that uncomfortable, sore and irritating feeling that you get after flare ups . It's the best way to cleanse,without further aggravating your skin.It soothes whilst you are in the bath and when get out,your skin feels soft and even more hydrated than it was before. The moisture will last 1-2 days, and will feel instantly rejuvenated. Even if you don't have eczema, I'd recommend trying it if you are temporarily experiencing dry skin. 
Suggestions: so when using this,I'd recommend pouring 1-3 caps in the bath depending on how dry/ irritated your skin is. Sit in the tub for a while, so that you're skin soaks up the moisture. When you get out of the bath, pat dry with a towel, do not rub. (Warning ⚠️- the bath will be slippery AF , so be very careful.) after patting your skin dry, go about applying you're preferred skin moisturisers. Rating: 10/10

For more information go to: www.oilatum.co.uk
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May 14, 2018

Brand: Epaderm
Product name: Epaderm cream 
Place of purchase: received complimentary for Epaderm for testing and review purposes, however this is available at @bootsuk and @superdrugloves 
Price: £6.99 
Skin type: sensitive and eczema prone skin 
Proposed features: Improves skin hydration 🔲improves smoothness🔲
Findings:This is by far the moisturiser that everyone should be using if they really want to protect, moisturise and maintain beautiful and youthful skin. It's super simple, there is no fragrance.. and it is gentle/kind on the skin. This is especially good for people with dry skin, eczema or psoriasis, but by all means, even if you don't have a medical condition.. it's still amazing. As an eczema suffer,I really love this travel size 150g bottle... when you have eczema you need to keep topping up, so that your skin doesn't get dry or cracked, and so this travel size dispenser bottle makes this task really easy and convenient 👌,especially when I'm on the go ! 
I'm happy to say goodbye to bulky packaging. 👋🏽It is free from fragrance, Colouring and sodium lauryl sulfates. It's is so kind on the skin that it can even be used on new born babies 👶. It is great at hydrating the skin...from the first day, you will notice the difference! It left my skin, hydrated, smooth and glowing with life 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. That's probably why it is doctor recommend ✅ 
This is an absolute staple component of my skin care routine, and it is well worth a try. I will never use fragranced products with sulfates on my skin again. 
Suggestions: you can use this as a cleanser,to wash your skin in the shower.. (Recommended for eczema sufferers) 
Or it can be used as an emollient moisturiser. I would recommend melting the Epaderm ointment in the emollient bath and then following up with the Epaderm cream, to restore the moisture lost during washing 
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Rating: 10/10!
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May 14, 2018

Sudocrem @sudocrem Product name: Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream. 
Place of purchase: @bootsuk 
Price: £2.99
Skin type: Sensitive and eczema prone skin
Proposed features: 
Findings: So this cream may be known as 'the baby butt' cream, that is used for nappy rash, but this cream is actually really good for those of us that have sensitive,irritable or eczema prone skin. If you don't have these skin types ,you probably will still want this at some stage in your life .. sunburn, cuts, skin rashes ..they happen. 😕 For an eczema sufferer, this cream is good for the following aspects of eczema: 
1. To reduce redness from the inflammation and irritation 2. To block and protect our skin from open cuts and wounds from itching 3. To help heal the broken skin layer. You will need a separate moisturiser product to regain the moisture in your skin.I'd recommend Epaderm or Diprobase moisturiser for this. During my last eczema outbreaks, that was really bad and allergic reaction, this cream really saved me 😇. As soon as you apply it feels soothes and protected and the redness reduces almost instantly, because of the thick white formula. It's amazing ! It also good for taking down those pesky spots too! Put it on over night and the next days it shrinks ridiculously! Love this stuff - absolute life saver!
Suggestions: is recommend apply this on specified areas after showering and bathing. Be sure to have clean hands when applying. It's best to apply over night , because it doesn't soak in instantly, and therefore is is very noticeable as it would probably get on your clothes. 
Rating: 10/10


May 14, 2018

Product name: Diorobase cream emollient 
Place of purchase: @bootsuk 
Price: £11.69
( it’s also available in Superdrug!) Skin type: sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin
Findings: If you have eczema or psorarsis like myself, you’ll know all about this cream . This is secretly the best stuff on the market mate. It’s rich in moisture, it has no irritating fragrances, dermatologist approved and come in this massive 500mg pump tub. It has your skin feeling dewy and moisturised tomorrow your morning shower until your evening shower. It aims to relive and soothe eczema as well as moisturise and protect. Emollients are the to gamers 👌💪🏽. They act as protective barrier over the skin, and keep your skin as pure as baby’s . If you have eczema ,the skin natural Barrier may be damaged due to dryness and itching, which leave the skin vulnerable to infections and inflammations. This is why an emollient bath/ shower wash and an emollient cream like this is essential. I’ve never tried a skin that makes my skin feel so confirtable and dewy, apart from Epaderm, which is also top of the skincare game ! If you Prefer healthy, soft , dewy and moisturised skin over pretty packaging, and fragrances... this is the moisturiser for you . Great with people with sensitive skin and especially good when out and about in this icy cold ❄️ weather in London 👍🏽 No dry, chapped, cracked, flaky skim here 
Suggestions: use e45 bath wash or oilatum bath wash, then follow up with this moisturiser after the bath. Heaven ! 🛀 
Rating: 10/10! 
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