Heat Protection

All of the products below have been tested on a 3c hair type

Ors Olive oil heat protection

May 08, 2018

Brand : ORS @orshaircare @orshaircareeurope 
Product name :Olive Oil heat protection serum
Price £3.79
Place of purchase : Brixton Market ( Beauty world )
Ingredients : includes an essence of coconut and olive oil
Proposed features : This products shields your hair from heated tools ( hair dryer / straightener / curly tongs ) . It leaves hair ' silky, shiny and smooth 'and encourages shine and moisture .
Findings : this product does leave your hair 'silky, shiny and smooth' . It is very good at shielding hair from heat damage , this is demonstrated through the fact that a normal level of hairs shed , from brushing only ( and not from heat damage) and it protects your hair from thinning ( especially at the ends )
Suggestions : do not use to much product , as it is thick , and so it will make your hair too greasy .Apply a small amount section by section , from root to ends . It can be used in curly hair styles for a glossy shine or straightened /blow dried hair for heat protection . 
Rating 10/10

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