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All the products below have been tested on a 3c hair type 

Creme of nature leave in conditioner

June 23, 2017

Brand: @cremeofnatureuk @cremeofnature 
Product name: Argan oil of morocco strength and shine leave in conditioner 
Place of purchase: @afrohairandbeautylive 
Price: I got this in a bundle.. £7.50 for this, the shampoo and the intensive conditioner !! Great deal 😍👍🏽
Proposed features: -to add an exotic shine - to strengthen hair -to simplicity the detangling process 
Findings: This product is a prefer compliment to the shampoo and intensive conditioner. I absolutely love creme of nature, and I wasn't let down with this product at all. In regards to shine, it adds an amazing shine, tbh.. if your use the conditioner, it will be gorgeous and glossy from the moment you rinse your hair. 
In regard to strengthening, I can comfirm when you use the shampoo, conditioner and leave in as a team, it's feel stronger and my hair dealt with hair styling with no problems. TBH my hair is pretty strong.. I've dyed it , straightened it, and relaxed it a few times, but I've never suffered any long hair damage. ( apart a couple inches of my ends) Creme of nature, Blue magic @bluemagichaircare and Pink (Luster's ) @lusterspinkintl had been introduced to me by my mum, and I had been using every since I was a child. ✊🏽😘In regards to detangling, the intensive conditioner begins the detangling process, and this leave in finalises it perfectly. It smells gorgeous and leave your hair feeling super soft. Only thing I will say, is that it really does calm my curls a little more than I like at times, but I would suggest using the leave in or the conditioner, but not both.Personally, I don't like to much volume, so this works well for me. 
Suggestions: leave inn the creme of nature conditioner for 15 mins for best results. Then follow with this leave in, to achieve the most fly, kinks, coils or waves 
Rating: 9.5/10
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Aunt Jackies Quench- Leave in condtioner

June 23, 2017

Brand: Aunt Jackie's 
Product name: Aunt Jackie's quench Moisture intensive leave in conditioner 
Place of purchase: Beauty world ( Brixton) 
Price: £5.49
Hair type: Tested on a 3c hairtype 
Proposed features: to moisturise🔲 to add softness 🔲 
Findings: This is a super cool leave in. Nowadays, a leave in, followed by a moisturiser and a styling product is a must for me. The Moisture level are really good, it leaves your hair feeling fresh and moisturised. The following day you can use your spray bottle to revive your hair, you wouldn't need additional product. my hair was super soft after using this and it was very easy to detangle my hair whilst applying it. The scent isn overwhelming,nice and subtle. I will admit, when I saw this green coloured cream , I was feeling a little weary, but I had used the Aunt Jackie's curl la la ' styler before, and the 'curl mane-tenance' Styler, so I trusted this brand. It also has really great ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, like any leave in should have. Also, this leave I'm has no parabens and sulfates, so overall , I quite liked it 👍🏽
Suggestions: Apply section by section after freshly washing your hair 
Rating: 7/10
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Kinky Curly Knot today- Leave in detangler

January 03, 2023

Brand: Kinky Curly 
Product name: Kinky Curly 'knot today' leave in detangler
Place of purchase: Beauty world in Brixton (London) 
Price: £14.99
Hair type : tested on a 3c hair type 
Proposed features: removes knots, snarls and tangles 🔲 
Findings: This detangler is now a regular in my collection. It does a really great job at removing knots, snarls and tangles. It's super lightweight, it has a sweet smell and it's moisturising.As an allergy sufferer I was super happy to find a product, that I did not react to. Most of all, I like that fact that it's natural and it's cruelty free. This detangler was my first love in my natural hair journey. 
Suggestions: I'd suggest applying after freshly washing your hair. I'd recommend using the Kinky Curly curling custard afterwards. I'd also apply a thick moisturiser, like the blue magic hair conditioner to your scalp and ends, to maintain moisture throughout the week. ( swipe across to see my results and product combinations) 😀
Rating: 10/10


Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner

June 15, 2017

Brand :Mixed chicks 

Product name : Mixed chicks leave -in conditioner 

Place of Purchase : Brixton beauty world 

Price : £12.99

Proposed features :
-curl defining
-non sticky
-lightweight -paraben free 

Findings : I was very impressed by the lightweight aspect of this product , it did not weigh down my hair, even when damp . I found it to be relatively moisturising, and it made my hair feel smooth and soft . In regards to curl definition, it didn't make my curls as kinky curly as I like them to be ,but the brand does offer a curling moose that can be added .

Suggestions : Apply this product after freshly washing your hair . Once you have applied this product , you don't really need to add a detangler ,so long as you apply it section by section . I would suggest using your favourite styler , to define your curls further . The day after your wash and go , i would suggest using your favourite moisturiser and styler , to maintain your curls , untill your next wash and go.

Rating : 8/10

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