All of the products below have been tested on a 3c hair type

Monat rejuvenique oil

May 20, 2019

PRODUCT REVIEW👇🏽Brand : @monatofficial 
Product name: Monat rejuveniqe oil 
Place of purchase: 
These samples were kindly gifted to me to try from the lovely Sherry @fabuloushairclub 
Price:£72- £85 
Hair type : Afro/ curly 3c hair type + high porosity type 
Features :So, this is a natural hair brand that has just launched in the uk 🇬🇧 and apparently they are going to be at : @afrohairandbeautylive this bank holiday weekend!

Findings: This oil is everything ! It’s £72- £85 depending on whether you’re a vip customer or not, I know 🙈, but it is good 😎. It smells gorgeous, It’s so bomb! ⚡️ it’s super nourishing and moisture rich . It’s kinda of thick, which is why the instructions recommend that you don’t use too much.Oils are so necessary, especially for afro + high porosity hair types. Try a sample and you’ll see what I’m taking about ! ➿🙌🏽 Suggestions: 
Straight hair : shampoo twice with the Revive shampoo, use the replenish masque, apply the revitalize conditioner , blow dry and apply this oil for a flawless finish ! 
Curly girls, suggest using this as part of the LOC or LCO method.
Curly hair : wash as described above... except after conditioning , adopt the LOC method ( leave in, oil and cream/ styler ) so apply your usual natural / non toxic leave in , then apply the Monat rejuveniqe oil and finish with a natural curly hair styler / cream 
Rating : 10/10 

Ors Olive Oil moisturiser

May 06, 2018

Brand: ORS @orshaircareeurope @orshaircare 
Product name: ORS Olive oil incredibly rich oil moisturising hair lotion 
Place of purchase: @superdrugloves 
Price: £2.32
Hair type: 3c hair type with high porosity strands. 
Proposed features: -Conditions and protects hair from high heat - restores moisture, even when straightening the hair 
I really love ORS ❤️ . Nearly every product I have ever tried, I have loved. I have tried many popular & expensive brands, but I always make my way back home to ORS 💋Love you ORS ! .. back to the review... I bought this at Superdrug a few weeks ago,and it reminded of how I used to keep hair moisturised as a teen, throughout the week. It's olive oil, which I love. It's super thick and creamy, which is what I need.. seen as I have high porosity ( my hair easily absorbs moisture, sucks it up , and leaves it dry the next day basically ) It smells gorgeous and I have no irritations on my sensitive skin. It maintains moisture for the whole day and the following morning. It feels super nourishing and protective. I will always shampoo and condition and then detangle, moisturise and style. Works really well in your #washandgo routine. 
Suggestions: works incredibly well with the Olive oil creamy aloe shampoo and replenishing conditioner
Ratings: 10/10

Cantu come back curl revitaliser

June 23, 2017

Brand: Cantu 
Product name: Cantu comeback curl next day curl revitaliser
Place of purchase:West Norwood 
Price: £5.49
Special features: no mineral oil, sulfates, parabens,phthalates,gluten, paraffin ,propylene,PABA or DEA
Proposed features: moisturise 🔲refreshes curls🔲 defines curls and reduces frizz 🔲adds shine 🔲
Findings:I was really surprised at this refresher spray . It's basically a liquid version of Shea butter, which means that it's super moisturising when applied to your hair. I was expecting a water based substance, for which I would have to use a refresher spray and then a moisturiser, so this product is basically a 2 in 1 . Like it a lot 👍🏽.I wouldn't be able to use it every day, because I imagine the build up would be too much, but I'd definitely use it as a quick fix solution on those mornings when I don't have time🤦🏽‍♀️.It refreshes your curls easily, because it's in a spray bottle and the Shea butter coats your curls and defines them really well . I didn't notice any frizz once I had finished applying this. Naturally, as a Shea butter lover, I knew that I'd get an awesome shine from it, and I did . It's just really handy and effective 👌
Suggestions: if youhave really dry hair, or hair that absorbs moisture quickly, apply every day to refresh your hair. Otherwise, i'd suggest applying a little of this as a quick fix solution maybe 2 time a week, but not every day .. the Shea butter formula is quite intense,but for once there is a spray bottle that is natural and moisturising👍🏽 Rating: 8/10

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Blue Magic moisturiser (with Castor oil)

June 23, 2017

Brand:Blue Magic @bluemagichaircare 
Product name: Blue Magic organics hair and scalp conditioner ( with 💯 % pure castor oil,Shea butter and Aloe Vera.
Place of purchase: Brixton ( a store called beauty world)
Price: £2.29
Ingredients: 100% castor oil, shea butter and aloe Vera.
Hair type: Tested on a 3c hair type 
Proposed features: Okay guys, so you already know that I love Blue Magic, I use it in nearly every YouTube Video 😍
Anyways, this product proposes to moisturise your hair 🔲 strengthen your hair and prevent breakage🔲
Findings: This product does an excellent job and moisturising your hair. It's super thick, so I wouldn't recommend covering your whole head in it,instead apply to the scalp and ends in particular. It adds a really gorgeus shine to your hair, makes it look really healthy and smells gorgeous 😍😍. In regards to strengthening your hair, honestly believe most of my hair growth was due to using Blue Magic products 👍🏽👍🏽. My hair is really strong and and I haven't ever experienced breakage whilst tackling my natural hair journey 👍🏽( obviously when you detangle, a while was of hair comes out, but that's normal)
Sugesstions : This Product has really great ingredients. Castor oil is good hair strength and growth. Aloe Vera is good for volume and shine and shea butter just smells great , softens and moistures well in my experience . Like is said, apply at the scalp and ends mainly. Use alongside your regular detangler and styler. If you are straightening your hair, use a tiny tiny amount, because it melts and will get to greasy.
Rating : 9/10 ( Just because I prefer the coconut one 💁🏽) Question: what did you think of it ?

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OGX Renewing argan oil of morroco weightless reviving dry oil

June 15, 2017

Brand: OGX 

Product name : Renewing argan oil of Morocco weightless reviving dry oil


Place of Purchase : Superdrug ( UK)

Proposed features:
- To add shine to your hair
-To control frizz

Best Aspects: This product is very much 'weightless'. It doesn't feel very heavy , sticky or greasy after using it. It provides a subtle shine for your curls, it is especially good  for refreshing  your curls in the morning. If applied after shampooing  your hair, it really does control your frizz.

Suggestions: Apply  after using the OGX Argan oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner. However you will still need to proceed with you usual routine. Apply this oil, follow with detangling with your preferred detangler, add your moisturiser to your scalp and ends and then finish with your usual styler. Also. I would recommend spraying this product on your hair twice a week thereafter, spray in your hair before getting in the shower and it naturally refreshes those curls and provide a gorgeous shine.


Blue Magic coconut hair conditoner

June 15, 2017

Brand: Blue Magic 
Product name: Blue Magic coconut hair conditioner 
Place of purchase: Beauty world Brixton ( London) 
Price: £2.29
Hair type: Tested on a 3c hair type 
Proposed features: to prevent dryness, breakage and split ends🔲
Findings: You guys already know I love this moisturiser, I use it in all of my YouTube videos . 💛For years my hair has maintained its strength, shine and moisture due to this product. I've been able to maintain my length due to its ability to prevent breakage and split ends 👍🏽. It works perfect for moisturising your scalp. I still haven't found a cream that beats it .. if you have one, that is better tag me ..Or comment below .. 😎
It has a nice coconut scent,it has a smooth consistency,it moisturises thoroughly and doesn't build up too quickly. 
Suggestions: try it, it's less than £3.00. Is suggest that you apply it after freshly washing your hair. Apply to the scalp and ends where, your hair needs moisture the most. Use alongside your usual detangler and styling product. 
Rating: 10/10

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Ors Black Olive oil Repair 7 oil elixir

May 08, 2018

Brand: ORS @orshaircareeurope 

Product name: ORS Black olive oil repair 7 oil elixir 

Price: $10.99 (equivalent to about £8.85) 

Place of purchase:This product was gifted to me,however the ORS website,will forward you to stores ,to purchase this item :

Hair type: Tested on a 3c hair type 
Proposed features: This product proposes to help with the following : Thermal protection 🔲 Shine 🔲 Frizz control 🔲 Anti-breakage 🔲 Strengthening 🔲 Reconstructing 🔲 Adding body 🔲 [Overall this oil based product aims to strengthen and protect all hair textures.]
Findings: This product is as luxury as it looks 😍😍😍(New Bae).Recently I put this product to the test. I recently visited a spa and exposed my hair to chlorine, which we all know is lethal when it comes to curly/ Afro hair . 🤣😂
It was dry, clumped together and tangled to the best of its ability.But luckily, I had this luxury oil to restore the oils that had been stripped from my hair by the chlorine... and I'm telling you, I bounced back to curly hair royalty.
It helped to restore all the damage that had been done, the only thing I have to test is the thermal protection aspect,which I will do,when I do my next length check 

Suggestions: Don't apply to much.Apply where you need to repair the most (choose either roots ,midlenghtns or ends.For naturals ,apply when your hair is damp. For straightened/relaxed hair - use before blow drying or straightening. Generally you can add a small amount in the mornings, to refresh your hair and restore shine . (Especially if you have pre -set hairstyles like twists setting overnight) 

Rating : 10/10 
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ORS heat protection

June 15, 2017

Brand : ORS @orshaircare @orshaircareeurope 

Product name :Olive Oil heat protection serum

Price £3.79

Place of purchase : Brixton Market ( Beauty world )

Ingredients : includes an essence of coconut and olive oil

Proposed features : This products shields your hair from heated tools ( hair dryer / straightener / curly tongs ) . It leaves hair ' silky, shiny and smooth 'and encourages shine and moisture .

Findings : this product does leave your hair 'silky, shiny and smooth' . It is very good at shielding hair from heat damage , this is demonstrated through the fact that a normal level of hairs shed , from brushing only ( and not from heat damage) and it protects your hair from thinning ( especially at the ends )

Suggestions : do not use to much product , as it is thick , and so it will make your hair too greasy .Apply a small amount section by section , from root to ends . It can be used in curly hair styles for a glossy shine or straightened /blow dried hair for heat protection . 

Rating 10/10

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