Gel nail polish remover

May 25, 2018

PRODUCT REVIEW 👇🏽Brand: @bootsuk 
Product name: Boots Gel nail polish remover kit 
Place of purchase: @bootsuk Instore 
Price: £6.00
Findings: So, I thought you guys might like this one! ☝️ So I get my nails done 💅🏽 and I absolutely fresh nails, but there comes the time, when they grow out and start looking like Edward scissor hands. 🤭🤯
So one time, I bought this and thought.. I’m gonna remove my gels myself and save myself £10. 
As a kit, it’s pretty decent, it has the acetone dropper to remove the gel , a buffer and 30 foils. It had very easy to follow instructions and I was quite pleased with it. It didn’t come off as quickly as I would have liked .. however this was because .. I realised that the box had suggested that I buy the Boots extra strength nail varnish remover (£4.00) with it. If I had bought this,I reckon it would have come off easier and quicker, although I wouldn’t have saved myself £10, because it’s £10 when you buy together. Eventually it did come off , with no trace of gel.However I realise that I just didn’t have the patience for it, when I first used it. With this kit, you can use it more than once , so that’s pretty good.
Initially, I was thinking 💭, I don’t have time to go to the nail shop and wait for ages,I don’t want to be tempted into getting a new set and I could save myself a tenner, so I’ll remove them myself ...but actually it took longer to remove ( because I didn’t buy the additional remover ), I did go back and get a new set 😬, and I saved £4.00, but if I had bought the extra remover, like I was supposed, I wouldn’t have saved any money... so I’m not sure I’d buy it again .. personally... but it is a decent enough product .. it’s for people who have patience and concentration skills 🤣
Suggestions: buy the additional remover, otherwise it doesn’t work as well as it should .If you have low patience and are lacking in concentration skills like myself .. just get them removed at the nail shop in 5 mins 👍🏽
Rating: 6/10

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