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February 23, 2023

Brand: @bootsuk 
Product name: Boots essentials cleansing wipes ( for sensitive skin) 
Place of purchase: @bootsuk St Pancras 
Price: £1 
Skin type : Tested on Sensitive skin.
Proposed features: to cleanse the skin / remove makeup without causing any irritation to sensitive skin 
Findings: so you know how I love the aloe Vera wipes from boots,well I spotted these just last week and had to try them ... seen as I have sensitive skin. Unfortunately for us sensitive skin sufferers .. we can't just pick things up without looking at the ingredients... so I hope I can help another sensitive girl out there ✌🏽🤘🏽 ... back to the review.. these are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.. Im Always happy when I see that .. usually means I can trust them. It soothes soothing aloe Vera and vitamin E , which is nice. You aren't supposed to use These wipes on your eyes, but if you do, be gentle and swipe your eye makeup off in a downward motion. Don't let any liquid in the eyes. I I really like them to be honest. I had absolutely no irritation at all. They are considerably thinner and less 'cushion like' than the aloe Vera ones, and I do prefer a nice 'cushion like' swipe when removing makeup , but it does have minimal ingredients , so it makes sense. My skin felt smooth after removing and I applied my Mac mineralize charged water face and body cream afterwards. 👍🏽works a dream mate 🙌🏽
Suggestions: apply moisture to your skin after removing makeup. Even though these woes are kind to the skin, the skin essential oils have been disturbed, so moisture will need to restored. Remember that your makeup looks better if you take of your skin 🤝. Rating: 9/10

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