The To-Do List that every working woman needs

August 15, 2018

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You hit a certain age, and all of a sudden you have so much to do. You are expected to be able to manage everything,and if you do slip up,in managing all the things you have to do, people tell you that you should be more organized and prepared.


Nowadays we will use our phones, to list our To-Do Lists, but i'll tell you why this method doesn't work for me 



Stress1.-  Personally for me, it's super stressful receiving alarming reminders,of all the things I have to do.It really throws me off. I sometimes use my phone to list some of the things I need to do, but only if I don't have a pen and paper available.

Seeing the bigger picture-2. I still use a pen and paper, because I like to map out the bigger picture, you know,the full spectrum of what  I have to do, whether i'ts to do with home, work or social life, I like to see what I have to do, in each area of my life. Also, I Like to be able to fold my notebook/ paper away, and switch off from my to do list, when I need to, whereas the reminders on my phone will continue to buzz off, and make me stress out further. I'd prefer to check my to do list at the start and end of each day peacefully and calmly and refer to it throughout the day, when necessary.


If you like, take a look at the short video I created on my Youtube channel, about the To-Do List method that I use : ( 
I buy a simple lined notebook, from the pound shop.I select one with at least three dividers,and then I section my tasks in categories. Work,Home and Social Life. I find that when I don't categorise, and I have tasks from different categories mixed together, I find it difficult to complete my list.


For example, if my to do list says: 


1. Get my nails done

2.Finalise and submit my job application 

3.Talk to my boss about a pay rise

4. Do my laundry 


These tasks are from different categories and need to be completed from different locations, but when tasks are  placed in categories, and simular tasks are listed next to each other, they are more  likely to be completed in the same location, therefore making it much easier your tasks.You'll breeze through them.


Once all tasks, from similar categories have been listed together,then you can see things more clearly, and you can work your way down the list more productively. Once you have tasks listed in Work,Home,Social Life, you can begin to prioritise. I tend to just put numbers next to each task, so I know which order i'm going to tackle each task.


If I find that I cannot finish all the tasks that i'd hoped to finish that day, I can always close my notebook and continue where I left off the following day. I feel a lot less overwhelmed, knowing that everything I need to do is mapped out, categorised and  prioritised, and that it's all in one small notebook.


Check out the full video here :


Let me know, how do you manage to get things done?

Do you use your phone or a pen and paper for your To-Do List ?







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