10 Things you should know in order to manage your Afro/Curly hair

October 24, 2018

  1. 'Wash day'- Wash day is a day that afro / curly hair girls dedicate to washing their hair . For most people, washing  your hair is somewhat of a long process, but for Afro/ Curly hair, it's the longest process . Most people can just go to Superdrug or Boots, and just buy any Shampoo and conditioner, but for afro and curly hair , you have to carefully select your hair products. You should buy a sulfate free shampoo , a co-wash and a conditioner specifically made for curly/ afro hair.The reason that you should buy a sulfate free shampoo is because, sulfates dry out afro/ curly hair , which makes it tangled and impossible to manage . The reason that you should buy a co-wash is because,  generally it's a really good idea to only wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner twice a month and for the other two weeks of the month, you should just co-wash your hair. This way your hair is able to maintain moisture, and your able to keep your hair clean, with washing out all the essential oils that you've built up.


2.Brushing/ Detangling - Afro hair and brushing , firstly, you should never really ' brush' afro and curly hair. You should carefully glide a brush through your hair and you should only brush it when its wet.The reason that you should only brush it when it's wet / damp , is because its more manageable when it's wet,the curls have not fully formed yet , so it's easier to brush through and because if you brush it when its dry, you'll snap and break your hair. When you brush / detangle your hair, I'd suggest only brushing your hair with two types of  hair brushes: The classic Denman brush and the tangle teezer.


3.Moisturising- The reason why afro/curly  hair can be so difficult to manage, is because it gets dry and tangled, which makes it impossible to manage. But there is a specific method that can help with this. There is this three step method called the L.O.C method, which is where you wash your hair on wash day and then you apply 1.  A leave in conditioner 2.  A oil 3. A cream, and this helps your hair in regards to retaining moisture. It helps because you are adding three layers of moisture for your hair to survive and thrive . Afro/ curly hair is a lot like a spider plant, it needs to be watered so that it can have a secret stash of water to live off, over the upcoming days.The L.O.C method allows you build layers of moisture, so that you hair stays moisturised , which in tern make it more manageable for much longer.


4.Refreshing your hair - You will be required to refresh your hair  throughout the week, if you want your curls to be poppin. so long as you have completed a good thorough wash day , you wont have to do too much work on your hair, throughout the week. Refreshing your hair in the mornings, usually takes about 20 minutes of your time in the morning.  You will need: 1. A water bottle/ or a detangling spray  and  2. A moisturiser / curling cream. You should spritz a bit of water / detangling spray , to revive and loosen the curls up a bit and then you can apply your preferred styling cream . You don't have to apply this cream / moisturiser to your hair section by section, like you did on wash day , you just need glide over the curls ,in say two sections and apply as much as you think you need, depending on how dry your hair feels.


5.'Hair Products'-Every curly hair girl needs a selection of hair products that serve a different purpose. If your wanting to maintain  moisture and the manageability of your hair, then you may be following the L.O.C method to do this. This requires a a minimum of three hair products 1. a leave in  2. a oil 3. a cream. As I mentioned,  you will use these three products every wash day, after you've washed your hair,and then you will refresh your hair daily throughout the week with a water bottle/ refresher spray and a bit of cream.As a whole, a afro/ curly hair girl should always have the following items stocked up at home : 1. Shampoo, 2.conditioner,3. cowash ,4.leave in conditioner/ detangler 5. oil 6.styling cream . There are tons of brands to choose from, and you will be able to select the right products for you, based on : 1. what your hair type is 2. what your hair porosity is , and from there onwards its pretty much trial and error until you discover the products that work best for you. ( Please check out my hair product reviews on this site, if you want an idea of what to buy )


6.'Tying back your hair'- If you don't know already, if you have afro/ curly hair, you cant tie your hair back too tight, because you will get a f**cking headache. Also, id invest in some cotton and stretchy hair bands, not the elastic hair bands with the metal snag in them. The hair bands with the metal snag in the middle will snap.Not only that , but the elastic ones will break your hair after some time, one hair a time.It's also a good idea to invest in a silk scrunchie,so that that you can ' pineapple' your hair at night.


7.Blow drying + heat exposure- Even when you have natural afro /curly hair, you should still use heat protection in your hair, if you are going to blow dry it. A lot of people like to use no heat on their hair, because afro hair tends to flourish more when it isn't exposed to heat, but realistically, there are times when you wont have time air dry your hair.In the winter, you may have to blow dry your hair,because it is likely that you will catch the flu , from being outside in the cold weather,with damp/moist hair. If you ever wanted to catch a cold, then that's how you would go about it! I would suggest applying a bit of heat protection serum  before drying your hair, and then I would blow dry , but only 80% dry and let the other 20% dry on its own.


8.Secret hair tools- Some of the secret hair tools of a afro/curly hair girl include : 1. A silk pillowcase  2.A diffuser 3.A microfibre towel .  Now, anyone else, should continue to just sleep on any pillowcase, use any towel and dry your hair without a diffuser,but if you have afro. curly hair,stop that sh*t right now.Remember that natural hair is a lifestyle, fit for queens,so we don't just use anything.  The silk pillowcase will be good for you, because a silk pillowcase wont rub and frizz up your hair at night.not only that but silk pillowcases wont dry out all the moisture that you added, like a cotton pillowcase will. The diffuser will allow you to dry your hair, whilst enhancing your curls and getting  in between the hair to dry it properly, it also helps with volume, if thats something that you like.The microfibre towel works lie magic because when you use a microfiber  towel it wont frizz up your hair or dry it out, like a cotton towel will.Secrets revealed !


9.Protective styling-Protective styling is basically like braiding your hair or placing it in a bun.There are tons of different styles on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest  ect.The reason that protective styling is a good idea, is because every now and then, afro/curly hair needs a little break , and need time to re-,moisturise and basically reset itself. Protective styling will protect your hair from manipulative hair styles, drying out,breakage etc. Some protectives can be really cute or sophisiticated,whilst helping your hair to 're-charge' in the meantime.


10.'Pineappling'- Pineappling is when you tie your hair up for the night. It's a good idea to tie curly hair up at night , to stop it from getting tangled , dry and it will stop it from flattening the curls. You should  tie it high up on the top of your head, so that it looks like a pineapple. Ideally use a silk scrunchie, if you have one,if not you can get one from my natural sister's site : www.osocurly.com


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