The 5 products you'll need to maintain your natural hair

March 30, 2019






 Most people make the common mistake of buying only one product to put in their hair once they have washed it. Afro/curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types, so we need to add layers of moisture to our hair, which means that we need to apply more than one product on wash day. These are the products you'll need:


1.  Sulfate free Shampoo/co- wash 

We need to apply a sulfate free shampoo or a co- wash to remove all the product build up that has been in our hair over the past week or two.In order to really clean our hair, we need to use a shampoo or a co-wash.However, it is very important that we use shampoos that don't have sulfates in them. The reason for this is because sulfates are very harsh on afro. They will dry out your hair and make it difficult for you to manage it.



2.Conditioner/ Conditioning masque

Conditioning is where the magic happens.If we are able to condition our hair for a while it really helps your hair to soak up the moisture it needs to last throughout the week.Using a deep conditioner or a deep conditioning masque really helps  because they are usually extra think and nourishing. The longer you leave it on the better to be honest. If you have time on a Sunday, try and leave on your deep conditioner/ masque for around 40 minutes, to get really great results. Whilst your conditioner is in, this is a perfect time to use your Denman brush or your Tangle Teezer to detangle your hair.


3.Leave- in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is so important, because this is the first layer that you'll need to  maintain your hair for the week. It's like a makeup primer, makeup primers are used to add a nice base before makeup is applied.The same applies for leave in conditioners, the leave in conditioner adds a nice moisture base before the main bulk of moisture is added.It helps to lock in moisture once your second and third layers are applied.



The oil and moisturiser are your main source of moisture throughout the week.  you'll use your moisturiser throughout the week to top up when it gets dry. You may use this on your ends,roots and edges in particular in the mornings.I'ts very important that your hair is moisturised, otherwise it becomes tangled and basically very unmanageable.



Now for the styling. This is the last step that takes place on your wash day. The styler will enhance your natural curl pattern and will define your curls to finalise your wash and go. You will apply this section by section, just like your leave in and moisturiser/oil.
















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