May 14, 2018

Brand: Malibu @malibu.sun Product name: Malibu lipcare in watermelon ,mango and strawberry. 🍓 🍉 
Place of purchase: This is available in a few places now, including Primark and Poundland. They are also available on the official Malibu sun website at:
Price: £2.99 for a pack of 3 
Skin type: Tested on sensitive skin 
Proposed features: - To moisturise the lips - To protect your lips from uva/ uvb rays. 
I always thought to myself .. can your lips get burnt ? Well I guess they can... and nothing is worst than dry lips 😔😲. I really love these lip balms. I don't wear alot of Makeup on holiday, so these would be my replacements for when I am abroad. They smell GORGEOUS! The watermelon is my favourite. The consistency is thick and moisturising, making them soft and smooth. And Imagine .. they also protect your skin from harmsful uva/ uvb rays. What more could you ask for ? Suggestions: apply before going out into the sun. Always top up after drinking your 3rd, 4th,5th cocktail on beach 🍹🏝😂😂😂🤣you will need to re- apply at that stage 
Rating: 10/10

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May 14, 2018

Brand: Malibu @malibu 
Product name: Malibu bronzing tanning oil spf 10 place of purchase: this was gifted to me by Malibu, however it is available on the website and at @superdrugloves 
Price: £3.99-4.99 ( depending on ml)
Skin type: sensitive skin 
Proposed features: - to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays whilst exposed to the sun - to build a natural golden sun tan 
Findings: Absolutely love the Malibu range. When I looked on the website, they had so many creative things I had never seen in the shops before. This oil is a classic in my household . We all love it 💛. It gives you a super exotic golden tan, that I don't get with other oils. It smells so tropical, just the smell of it reminds you of being abroad . It caused no irritation to my skin and it makes the skin really smooth and soft,which prepares the skin to build a really even and glossy tan. It's dermatologically tested and it's water resistant . They also do these in travel size version.
Suggestions: use the Malibu aloe Vera after sun after sunbathing, to Lock in that tan. Remember guys , skincare includes sun protection.#skin #musthave #beautyblog#beautyblogger #beautyessential 
Rating: 10/10!

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May 14, 2018

Brand: Malibu @malibu.sun Product name: Malibu Aloe Vera moisturising after sun gel 
Place of purchase: This was kindly gifted to me 💕.. however it is available on the website at:
They have super cool products on there, that you haven't seen in superdrug or boots yet😍
Price: £3.99 (200ml)
Skin type: Sensitive skin / dehydrated skin 
Proposed features: cooling, soothing & moisturising. 
Findings: I have been using this after sun, after my recent trip to 🇪🇸 Palma de mallorca earlier in the month, and it is so ideal. I got the most banging💥tan from my holiday in Spain, and the Malibu dry oils helped me to catch that gorgeus golden glow, whilst helping to protect me from harmful uva/b rays. It is recommended that you use a after sun to treat your skin after sun exposure,and also to avoid your beautiful sun tan from peeling. I like that this product has Aloe Vera, which is great for soothing the skin. It soothes and cools the skin after being in the heat for long periods of time. It has a gel like consistency which is feels great on your skin. My tip is to place some of this in the fridge, and after you have finished sun bathing place this chilled gel on your skin 👌💋... it's gorgeous . It's also super moisturising, which is what you need, to avoid your skin from becoming cracked and: peeling after sun exposure. If you have mild eczema Iike myself, do not place on open cuts/broken skin , use your usual eczema creams on those areas. Remember to always do a patch test before trying new products dolls! I went away at the start of July and I've been able maintain it until now. Result😃🤜🏽😎. Suggestions: place a bit in the fridge or in a cool place before applying, it's even better when it's chilled , after being exposed to heat all day. 
If you have any questions, write to me below 👇🏽
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May 14, 2018

Brand: @malibu.sun 
Product name: Malibu dry oil spray 
Place of purchase: @primark 
Price : £2 
Proposed features: - to protect your skin against uva/ uvb rays -water resistant - non greasy 
Findings: I've been loving this Malibu dry oil spray on my hols in 🇪🇸recently. This is a very low protection, but ordinarily I'd recommend others to use atleast a factor 30, however I've been using the factor 15 Piz Buin lotion as my main base, and this factor 8 Malibu dry oil to up frequently. This dry oil attracts the sun effectively and builds a nice, even golden tan. 
It protects against both uva and uvb rays , it's water resistant and has shea butter extract to moisturise and nourish the skin. It also makes your skin feel super soft and smooth and you are tanning. Give it 5-10 minutes to soak and become non- greasy. 
Suggestions: Always avoid peak sunlight hours - top up regularly
-Give yourself regular breaks from the sun -Splash a bit of sea water on your skin to attract the sun and enhance your tan -Keep your head covered to avoid sun stroke / dizziness

Rating: 10/10

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May 14, 2018

PRODUCT REVIEW 👇🏽Brand: Malibu @malibu.sun 
Product name: Malibu bronzing butter 
Place of purchase: This is available online at :
Price: £4.99
Findings: I absolutely love this bronzing butter ! We had a few hot days in London in the last two weeks, and I had a chance to try out this bad boy! It's absolutely life. I do need to mention that this bronzing butter has no uva/ uvb protection , which means it is only suitable for skin that tans easily and never burns. Ideally, I will always suggest having SPF protection, but I use this product in a safe and specified manner. I will apply this initially when I am on-the- go, and NOT sitting in direct sunlight. I use this to catch the sun initially, but then I will always top up with my Malibu tanning oil with SPF. 
It smells amazing!!!!! It's super moisturising and creamy, but not greasy or sticky. It feels super nourishing on the skin and makes the skin look glowing and healthy. It also has Beta Carotene 🥕 which , I find, always gives me a better tan colour . You always get that rich golden tan colour, when a sun protection product has beta carotene. 
Suggestions: use this to initially attract the sun and then top up with your SPF tanning oil later. Apply this 30 mins before sun exposure. ☀️ Always use the Malibu aloe Vera's gel after sun exposure, to lock in the moisture in your skin and maintain your tan😬. It is also water resistant, so you won't have to worry about coming in and out of the pool ! I really love the idea of a sun protection in a creamy petroleum like form . 
Anyone going to Ibiza for closing this September ?
Take this with you !!🥕☀️😎
Rating: 10/10!

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